20 Mar


Earlier this month I wrote about the record donations and turnout during this primary season. Paul Krugman of the New York Times has also pointed to the strong grassroots support of both candidates:

Thanks to Tuesday’s results, the nomination fight will go on to Pennsylvania in April, and probably beyond — and rightly so. It’s now clear that Mrs. Clinton, like Mr. Obama, has strong grass-roots support that cannot be simply brushed aside without alienating voters that the party will badly need in November. So the Democratic National Committee had better get moving on plans to do Michigan and Florida over, to give the eventual nominee the legitimacy he or she needs.

While the news media is generally more interested in things they can quantify, like how large a crowd was for a speech or how much money was given in a month, there are hundreds and thousands of people whose impact is less easy to measure. They take time out of their day to put up signs, call undecided voters, or even travel to another state where they hope to make a difference for their candidate. This is an incredible power and we will want these supporters on our side past the nomination process. With a united Democratic ticket we can keep many of the most passionate volunteers engaged and organized until November.