17 Apr

Pennsylvania debate

Reaction to the Democratic debate last night was mixed. According to most reports, Hillary had the strongest showing, but supporters on both sides criticized the lack of substance in the first half of the debate. If the prolonged primary season is a good opportunity to raise awareness of Democratic issues critical to winning in November, last night was a missed opportunity due to the focus by moderators on the latest Wright or Bosnia “controversy”.

The good news is that most of the differences between the candidates were pointed out respectfully, with an overall positive tone that was missing from the last debate in Texas over a month ago.

When asked about a joint ticket, the candidates were momentarily speechless. Afterwards Obama reiterated that it was “premature”, and both candidates pledged to unite behind the nominee. Hillary continued:

I think it’s absolutely imperative that our entire party close ranks, that we become unified. I will do everything I can do make sure the people who supported me, support our nominee. I will go anywhere in the country to make the case. And I know that Barack feels the same way.

You can watch video for most of the debate online at ABCNews.com.