11 May

Bernstein and Schneider on Hillary VP

In a largely negative opinion piece disguised as news, CNN’s Carl Bernstein provides his own analysis of Hillary’s possible attempts to force herself onto the Obama ticket. It’s a bit all over the map, but worth a read for the anonymous quotes and numerous “landing a plane” metaphors.

Meanwhile, some of the Clintons’ longtime friends and political counselors are intent on trying to talk her down calmly — something almost like a family intervention — to get her concede the Democratic presidential race when the appropriate time comes, in such a way as to heal some of the wounds to the party and to both candidates but allow her to make her best case for the vice presidency.

The race is starting to wind down as West Virginia votes on Tuesday. Bill Schneider covers the West Virginia dynamics and the challenge Obama faces there, wrapping up with another nod to Hillary as Vice President:

If Obama gets the nomination and it looks like the only way he can win is to get those West Virginia Democrats back, you can be sure he will think seriously about asking Clinton to go on the ticket.

Expect the joint ticket narrative to continue to gain strength over the next week.