09 May

Kennedy on Hillary as VP

Tommy Christopher of AOL’s Political Machine reacts to Ted Kennedy’s assertion that Hillary should not be the pick for Vice President:

There have been signals from the Clinton camp that Hillary would be amenable to a VP nod, and it is my observation that, despite hard feelings, Senator Obama is far too smart a politician not to make such an obviously smart move. This is truly a test for Obama, can he win gracefully and shrug off the rancor of this campaign?

The comments on that page are equally interesting, if you skip the hateful ones. John in Philadelphia, an Obama supporter, writes:

Let’s let the dust settle. Hillary is still running those ‘Send me $5’ ads here on AOL. Let her win West Virginia and Kentucky and go out a winner. Let Obama pay off her debts (she’s at least doing her part and trying to raise some money) and then let Hillary, the VP nominee, and Bill chew up the Republicans. John McCain won’t know what hit him.

I think John nails it. Obama can win alone, but in some states it will be a hard fight, despite the rifts in the Republican Party. Now it is the Democrats who are divided. We must bring all of the Democrats together — the core base, women, African-Americans, young voters, working class, new members, independents, and even people who voted for Bush but who are sick of what his legacy has become. Combined, the full weight and passion of what this party stands for will be strong, but alienate either candidate’s supporters and there will be holes in that strength.