08 May

North Carolina and Indiana results

Obama won North Carolina decisively on Tuesday night, and Hillary held on to a 2-point win in Indiana after a late night in which it almost seemed possible that the outcome could go either way. But as Nancy Pelosi said:

A win is a win. Let’s just call it what it is. […] The people should all have the opportunity to speak as long as two candidates wish to compete in those primaries and caucuses. In a few weeks, we will be on our way to nominating the next president of the United States.

Despite calls for her to withdraw, Hillary sent a message to supporters today that she will see the rest of the primaries out: “Today, in every way that I know how, I am expressing my personal determination to keep forging forward in this campaign.”

In their respective victory speeches, both candidates stressed that we will have a united party once a nominee is officially chosen. Hillary also fielded several questions from the press yesterday, saying “I don’t buy that” when asked if her supporters or Obama’s supporters would shift to McCain. Here’s the video on YouTube.