05 May

Stop calling for a drop out

No matter what happens tomorrow in Indiana and North Carolina, there are so few states left that most people would like to see both candidates on the ballot for the duration of the primary season so that voters can contribute their voice to the process. This post on DailyKos by Hunter is critical of the Hillary campaign, but also calls for an end to the pointless rhetoric that Hillary should give up when her support is still so strong:

At the same time, however, there seems little value in debating whether Clinton should or should not leave the race. That is entirely up to Clinton, and any candidate with a mathematical chance — even if slim — of pulling out a win has every right to see the race through until that last fateful day. I don’t buy the notion that the campaign is hurting the Democratic party: any election that generates this level of excitement among Democratic voters is hardly a bad thing.

The world is watching what the Democrats too. When the nomination process is over, we will show them how it is done. There will be a great rally around the winner and a brand new race will emerge.