16 Jun

VP chief of staff

The Time blog covers recent Obama campaign staff additions:

In a move bound to reignite speculation that Hillary might be offered the vice presidential slot, the Obama campaign announced that none other than Patti Solis Doyle, Clinton’s former campaign manager, would be ‘chief of staff to the vice presidential nominee.’

Patti Solis Doyle had stepped down from Hillary’s campaign in February in the middle of a series of losses which gave Obama a strong pledged delegate lead. Reaction seems mixed whether Doyle joining the Obama campaign indicates that Hillary is more or less likely to be asked to be the ticket. If you support a joint ticket, why not post a comment on the Time blog to make your voice heard.

16 Jun

Gore endorses Obama

Now that the Democratic nominee is no longer in doubt, Al Gore will endorse Barack Obama tonight at a rally in Detroit. Back in 2004, Gore had endorsed Howard Dean before the official start of the primary season, after which Dean’s campaign derailed and John Kerry swept through the nomination. Many believed Gore stayed neutral in the 2008 primaries so he could help guide and reconcile the party if it become contested, and he may still have a role to play before the convention.

04 Jun

Unity Action Pledge

Democracy for America, the group that emerged after Howard Dean’s campaign in 2004, sent out the following letter to supporters today.

I remember very well what it felt like when my brother Howard didn’t win the Democratic nomination in 2004. It hurt. I was angry. I found myself wondering how I could turn around and support a candidate who I had just spent over a year trying to defeat.

But we all came together behind Kerry and we’ll do it again now, no matter how close this primary season was. Sign the pledge now.

03 Jun

The last day

The last two states voted today, South Dakota and Montana, wrapping up 6 months of voting.

Enough super delegates endorsed Obama today to effectively give him the nomination. In her speech tonight, Hillary congratulated Obama but said a final decision on her campaign will come later.

Dianne Feinstein and many others continued to talk about Hillary accepting the Vice President spot on a unified Democratic ticket.

I think a decision has to be made about whether keeping this nomination wide open is in the best interest of winning in November. I do not believe that it is, and I’m a very strong supporter of Hillary being placed on ticket as a vice presidential candidate. […] The reason I say this is because each one of them represents a different constituency. The constituencies are knocking heads at the present time.

Now that the primaries are over, I hope this web site will become even more relevant as we decide the future of the party and the party platform leading up to the convention. Let’s not take our eye off the ball. We will win in November.